Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WE've joined together and moved our blog

Ok, for all you faithful bloggers and blog keeper up'ers....we've finally after 6 months of marriage joined together and made ONE blog....It is called SAFARI ZA OMONDIS, which is Swahili for "the Omondi Journeys". Our lives, our beginnings, and our marriage have been great big journeys and on that great journey we will continue TOGETHER, with Christ as our leader and guide! So why don't you join us on the Omondi adventures by going to the new and improved Omondi Blog and following us along on our journey. Its sure to be a great adventure!

So from here on out to read our stories you must click on this new blog. And please help us spread the word. Of course this blog will remain and continue to be read but all new posts will
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well here's the latest on what's going on in Kenya according to CNN..

And here's a couple summary statements from today:

"Unrest since the announcement of the election results has claimed more than 600 lives, driven about a quarter of a million of people from their homes and shaken relations between the country's dominant tribes." (BBC)

"Attempts at outside mediation between Mr Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki have failed..." (BBC) Mr Kofi Annan, former United Nations chief, had been due to arrive on Tuesday but was said to have come down with a "severe flu" on his way to the airport in Geneva.

It's about resources, it's about land, it's about tribe, it's about so many issues that successive governments have not addressed
Gladwell Otieno
Africa Centre for Open Governance

Dennis and I watched it all on Kenya's KTN network on the internet as the Parliament was sworn in today and Presidential opponent Raila Odinga's ODM party celebrated today as they won speaker's chair in the parliament. Praise God the opening of Parliament today was mostly peaceful. We are praying that the rallies being held for the next three days will also be peaceful.

And I found this story quite interesting....just the reality of how witchcraft controls lives there in Mombasa:


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weeping for Kenya-the Realities

I found this video and wanted to share it. WARNING!!! It is very graphic and disturbing so please beware. Don't watch it unless you are prepared to hurt. (you may have to pause it to read the goes fast) But its the reality of what's going on though. I weep when i watch it especially at the end. If you watch you will see why. My heart burns and hurts and grieves for the Kenyan people as more and more are killed each day in the violence and hundreds of thousands are displaced from their homes. These are my friends and....these are my family!!

May these sites encourage you all the more to pray for the souls of Kenya!! My family here in the States asked me this past week..doesn't this make you want to stay here and not return to such a nation. But my response is NO absolutely not. IT ALL THE MORE MAKES ME WANT TO GO!!! Go to a country and a people that need Jesus! Many mission organizations will say Kenya is a "reached nation" this video and judge for yourself! We must pray and we must go! Where is their HOPE?!?!?!

We received the following from a friend and missionary living in Nairobi. Tomorrow (Sunday 6th) has been declared a national day of prayer for Kenya. Please read the following and join us in praying!! Our hearts continue to hurt and break for Kenya! Though we are physically here in Texas our hearts are in there with our family and friends praying.

Hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes all over the country.
Here are some recent articles and websites you can go to if you want to stay updated with details.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya has declared tomorrow, Sunday, December 6th, a national day of prayer. We will be going to our church, Parklands Baptist, at 9 in the morning (while most of your are sleeping as we are eight hours ahead of those of you on the Atlantic Coast). But Kenya as a whole will be joining in a special prayer time between 6 and 7 tomorrow evening – 10:00-11:00 in the morning EST. One of our local newspapers, The Daily Nation, carried the following full page advertisement today from the Media Council of Kenya:

– Kenyans Unite –

This Sunday, from 6-7pm, all of Kenya's major media channels will unite for a one-hour national Broadcast to pray for the salvation of Kenya. Many religious leaders from all faiths will lead the nation in prayer to help end the suffering and to heal the wounds of hatred that is ripping our country apart. Special appeals for aid for our unfortunate brothers and sisters who lost their homes and livelihoods will be included in the programme, as will on-going prayers for our political leaders…Add your prayers to those of the millions of Kenyans who will be tuning in to the broadcast and, together, our prayers will help bring Kenya back to the beautiful, united nation we all love. Would you, your families and churches please join Kenya in a special time of prayer tomorrow? To me the very fact that the above appeal is happening is a praise as it shows much wisdom and strength on the part of many. Although, Kenya will need relief efforts from the States and other places, we also are praising God for the emphasis in this prayer call for Kenyans to help one another. In an earlier call to prayer, I wrote: "Pray that somehow, no not somehow, but miraculously – Pray that miraculously all the tensions will be defused and healing will begin." I truly believe that change will come only with God's intervention and men and women truly turning to him and relying upon him at this time. Continue praying for peace for those in the problem areas, for those who have lost loved ones and homes, for those separated from family, and for those that are having difficulty finding food and safe shelter. Pray for wisdom and strength for Christians in Kenyans, nationals and expatriates, who have opportunities to minister to our friends who are hurting. And do pray for the leaders of Kenya. Pray that they will make decisions and actions that bring about a permanent end to the ethnic, economic and social problems Kenya is experiencing.

I cannot end without thanking you for your prayer support. Assurance of your prayers have already strengthened and encouraged those of us in Kenya more than I can put into words- Bert Yates in Nairobi

We love you and appreciate your concern and prayers!!
Dennis and Allison Omondi

P.S. For those who were praying, our interview with immigration in Dallas went very well today. Dennis should have his Resident Card in the next few weeks. PRAISE GOD!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Election for President in Kenya was done this past Thursday the 27th and results are still not out. Its taking forever for voting to be reported and things are beginning to get a little out of hand in Kenya. Chaos is beginning and violence has broken out in areas!!! Will it be Raila or Kibaki? Please pray for peace and FAIR results!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Dangerous "Gospel"

WOW!!!! This is awesome! Rocked my world for sure.
The Prosperity Gospel is indeed rampant all over this country and spreading like crazy all over Africa. Its in your face in Kenya. We must really pray hard against this dangerous "gospel"!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year

First I will say a belated Merry Christmas to all! We pray that you had a wonderful Christ-centered Christmas. We've been in North Carolina for a week now visiting my family for the Holidays. It's been great to see each of my family members that we haven't seen since right after we got married. We've visited my Dad and stepmom, my sister and her family, my brother and his family and my mom. We've enjoyed some special times with each of them, as this will be our last Christmas season with them for several years. Though we've enjoyed seeing everyone Its been quite a stressful trip with all the traveling around to see everyone. Pray for us!!! We are tired and quite weary if I may be honest. We will be traveling to Raleigh this weekend for a New Year's party with friends and then returning to Texas on the 3rd, just in time for our immigration interview (praise God) and the Denton Bible Missions Conference. We pray everyone will have a great start to 2008.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE pray for our financial support. We are still at about 55% of our monthly committment and trusting God. Please pray the Lord would touch people's hearts to commit to give to the ministry in Kenya! And pray for our patience in waiting! We are eager to be back in Kenya!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congrats Chase and Erin

Last night Dennis had the privilege and honor of officiating the wedding of his little American brother, Chase Martin, to Erin Davis. The wedding took place at Denton Bible Church's chapel. It was a beautiful Christmas wedding of course. This was the first wedding that Dennis has officiated and he was so excited. What a wonderful job he did in leading the entire ceremony, but especially in sharing God's Word, God's purpose for marriage, and pointing everyone to Christ. I was delighted to sit and witness it all. And i know Kerry, Dennis' American mom, was so proud to see not only her son Chase getting married but delighted that her other little African baby was the one officiating. That was so special! Congratulations Erin and Chase!!! And happy honeymoon in Hawaii! (we're a little jealous:)) Here's a few snaps from the wonderful evening but to see them all go to these links:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pictures from our trip to Kenya

I'm going to start posting a couple pics of our time in Kenya this past month now that we have normal internet again...If you want to see more pictures click on these links...

Here we are about to board the train in Mombasa to head cross country to Busia

Here's a picture of the Serve Kenya team boarding the train; Dennis, me, Jill, Cynthia

Our home town...check out that altitude

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back HOME in Argyle

We made it back to Dallas safely today but very tired. The loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg journey home was pretty much uneventful and just as we prayed God provided exit row seating and bulk head seating for most of the flights which was a tremendous blessing for my long legged husband. And we are so thankful that this time Dennis had no trouble getting through the gates of immigration!!! We praise God for answering even the smallest details of our prayers. We both kept saying today that the trip back and forth to Kenya seems to only get longer the more we do it. Pray for us as we again transition to life back in the States and as we jump back to the busyness of life here. Our bodies sure received a shock as we were welcomed into the Detroit airport by they chilly cold air and snow covered ground. Texas isn't quite so cold but still a very big change from the 90 degree heat and humidity and sweat of Mombasa!!!! We are glad to be back in our cozy little barn home here in Argyle. Again as we left our home in Mombasa and welcomed back to our home hear in Texas and as we look forward to traveling home to North Carolina for Christmas we were both reminded that THIS WORLD is not our home. Dennis and I are blessed to have many places here on earth that we can call home and many people that we can call family, and that can get confusing sometimes, but we are most thankful that we have a real HOME in heaven awaiting us thats perfect...not too hot, not too cold, not too dirty or too clean, but just perfect.

Please pray for our dear friend Jane Loewer and her family. Jane and her husband Wes and 3 kids are long term missionary friends of ours who live in Nairobi. We stayed in their home in on our way back from Busia last week. While we were in the airport in Nairobi yesterday we ran into Jane who sadly told us that her father had suddenly passed away that morning and she was traveling back home alone to CT to be with her mother. She will be away from her husband and kids for the next three weeks until after Christmas to be with her mom and family as they mourn the loss of Jane's Dad. As we embraced and shared tears in the airport Jane's sweet spirit and hope and faith in Christ was a huge encouragement to me. Her father loved Jesus and she knows he's rejoicing in his new home in heaven now. Please pray for Jane as she is in the States with her mother during this time of loss and pray for her and her husband and children back in Nairobi as they are away from each other this Christmas season.

We arrived in Dallas this afternoon and have tried to stay awake but were clearly defeated when we put on a movie about 5pm and both fell asleep. Dennis is still asleep and I'm quickly fading I will say a quick goodnight and thank you for everyone's prayers for us as we were gone and as we have traveled.

Our plans for the next few months as we pray for our support to return to Kenya are written in pencil...but this is somewhat of how we see things might go....We are here in Denton for the next week as Dennis will be officiating the wedding of his little American brother, Chase and his fiancee Erin next Saturday the 15th. Soon after that (no date yet) we will fly to North Carolina to spend Christmas with my family there. We have to be back in Dallas by January 5th for our long awaited interview with immigration (which should be the final step to getting Dennis' permanent resident card) we've been praying for. (pray as i gather together all the documents we have to send to the lawyer for that) . Then we will be in Denton for the Denton Bible Serve International Missions Conference. Most of the Serve Missionary families will be coming home from the field for that. Its going to be exciting. Then after that our plans are up in the air depending on where our support raising is at. We will be making a visit to California at some point to visit supporters there and then back to N.C., praying as we hope to return to Kenya long term in the next 4 or 5 months. Exciting ministry opportunities are just waiting there for us to get back to so we are praying for the Lord's wisdom and direction, and patience for HIS perfect timing.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In the AIR again

I cannot believe our one month visit in Kenya is over! We start our journey back to the USA tomorrow night (Wednesday 05 2007) at 9PM local time (Kenya).

The journey to America will be both exciting and and something I (Dennis) dread! Don't get me wrong I love America; it is the flight that I height is not very flying friendly. So please pray that I get good seats on the plane and will be good company to my lovely wife if I dont:)

We look forward to updating you more with stories and Pictures if and when we meet in person, otherwise email updates will still keep coming. Thank you for your prayers and support for Allison and I.

This month in Kenya has put excitement in us about getting back ASAP...the only obstacle we face right now that will delay our coming back will be financial support. We are at 60% of our target monthly financial support. Please pray that the Lord will provide for us now as He has done before both for His glory and in His time!